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Everyone can sing. Join us the second Wednesday of every month.


If you're interested in displaying your work in a warm atmosphere with marketing support, send an email to Every event at Arts at the Chocolate Factory will treated as a gallery opening.

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Hudson Valley resident Frank Marquette has established a new performance, rehearsal and workshop space called Arts at the Chocolate Factory.  Marquette, owner of Murder Café and Theatre on the Road since 1998,  is offering live entertainment, theatre workshops, acting classes and cutting edge performances in an 1800 square foot space complete with lighting, sound and a newly constructed stage.

Arts at the Chocolate Factory


Thanks to the support of our community, fans and friends our first annual FUNDRAISING GALA at Arts at the Chocolate Factory was a rousing success. We set a goal of $10,000, to be reached by April 1st and our gala on Saturday, February 18th gave us one-third of the needed funds. We have a way to go but confident we can achieve what is necessary to secure our new lease and pay for play royalties, administrative and marketing costs, improvements to our performance space, insurance and the day-to-day cost of doing business. If you'd like to support the arts by funding live performances in your community, we would appreciate any and all donations. 

Arts at the Chocolate Factory

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